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Here are some little care tips for your little slippers! 

  • Transport the slippers in their small bag to reduce the formation of foam. 
  • Store the slippers in their small bag, or in a closed place when not in use to avoid damage. 
  • Remove small foam using scissors or even better, using an electric clothes shaver (easily found in big box stores, on Amazon or in a hardware store)

When it's time to give them a bath*: 

  1. Remove the cords.
  2. Ideally wash by hand with a Marseille's soap in cold water. 
  3. Air dry for a good 24 hours. 
  4. Remove foam with a clothes razor. 
  5. Replace the cords. 
There you go, your slippers have regained a youthful look! 
In an extreme case, the slippers can also be put in the washing machine on the delicate cycle with blankets or towels, always with a mild soap, IN COLD WATER, but it is really preferable to wash them by hand. They don't go in the dryer.
Please note that the formation of small foams is completely normal as we use 100% natural sheep's wool. Over time, they will disappear completely. 
* Sheep's wool is anti-bacterial so there is no need to wash the slippers unless they have had a pee/vomit/mud bath.