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Les Petits Tousi is first and foremost an inspiration, a desire to accomplish a project filled with love for children and for oneself. It is a dream of pride, art and inner peace. Before this inspiration, at the very beginning of the adventure, I started crocheting to help me live with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). The simple fact of being fully focused on my little project saved my brain from making a thousand horror scenarios and helped me to function on a daily basis. Now the dream continues to evolve, into an entrepreneurial dream, a dream of society and mutual aid, a dream of physical and psychological well-being in a big, fast-moving world. 

It is with this intention that Les Petits Tousi is involved in various charities to bring a little sweetness to those who need it. 


The Rainbow slipper collection aims to bring hope and support. These very special little slippers were created with the aim of bringing a little hope to families who have gone through various storms of motherhood: infertility, miscarriage, prematurity or the loss of a child. . Now you can put a gesture to hard-to-find words to bring comfort to those in need who too often suffer in silence. 

For each pair of slippers sold, we will donate $2 to the Portrait of Sparks Foundation, aiming to offer free professional photography services to families going through perinatal bereavement. 

Like all our slippers, the rainbows are handmade in Quebec, with soft Peruvian sheep wool that is hand-painted. Thus, each pair is completely different and unique, as is each story. I

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Discounts for children with disabilities

In the little Tousi family, we strongly believe in the importance of including the difference. We believe that every child is unique and precious and deserves to be celebrated and loved as they are.

Some children, on the other hand, go through great physical ordeals that make their lives and those of their parents a little more complicated. We particularly think of children with a physical disability that prevents good blood circulation in the feet, which results in little feet that are always cold.

Our slippers are all suitable for settling this little inconvenience once and for all and FINALLY keeping little feet warm thanks to the wonderful properties of sheep's wool.

In order to offer financial respite to these families who often have to adapt their lifestyle and their schedule as well as pay a lot to buy specialized equipment to meet the basic needs of their children, we have decided to offer them AT ALL TIMES 50 % off ON ALL our regular priced products.

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